La Martina 

La Martina

  is the official manufacturer of the clothing presented by the Federation of international Polo, the Argentinian association and other international federations. In addition to the various national teams, La Martina makes the university outfits of universities such as Harvard, Yale, Oxford, Cambridge and St. Xavier College in Mumbai.




You may now find the collection of La Martina in Bulgaria, in the stores of AGRESSIA.  

“La Martina” is offered in the stores of AGRESSIA at the following addresses:

-   Central office - Showroom: Sofia, 22a Rozhen blvd.  

- Sofia, Bulgaria, Hotel "Marinela" 100, James Bourchier Blvd.

-   Sofia, 60, Alabin street  

-   Plovdiv, 20, Otets Paisii street