Accessories - ties, scarves, girdle, bow ties , belts

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Genuine horn     
Buttons from genuine horn are a classic for the sophisticated wardrobe. They are perfect on woolen fabrics, but also on high-quality linen and cotton. This natural material varies in different colors, from almost black through brown and red tones to bright horn. As each horn grows differently, none ready made button is like any other. For the manufacture of buttons from horn is used the entire horn of the bull: the tip of the horn - for high-quality buttons or ball-like buckles for coats. From the hollow remainder is obtained a horn tile, which can be used for all forms. Antler offers a special vision with its typical crust. Further enrichment is offered by burning parts of the ready button, which become lighter.
COROSO buttons (Tagua)    
It's a natural raw material. Tagua is the nut of a palm tree, 5-6 m high, which lives in the South American tropical forests.
The beauty and natural irregular patterns of the walnut give the finished button an inimitable vision. Furthermore, the use of genuine coroso buttons contributes to the preservation of tropical forests in South America.
Genuine pearl    
The pearl is a natural product and similar to the genuine horn it is a classic for buttons. As these are parts of mussel shells, genuine pearl buttons can be produced only in small numbers.