Hand made

For connoisseurs of luxury

For such purpose, we created specifically equipped workshops for clients willing to place their individual orders. There our consultant will take care to provide you with the best advice for the right choice of suitable material, will use its expertise in taking measures. You may call in any of our stores to ask for the apply commitment of our consultants at a time of your convenience.

Keeping the tradition..

Today, just like before, style and individual approach is highly valued. This is why we offer the traditional sewing method preserved over the years, which enjoys a particular amount of interest by our customers. Our designers and tailors create masterpieces in the manufacture of tailor-made clothes combined with the experience, traditions and ability to perform even the most sophisticated desires of the client. Tradition that you can appreciate.

The tailor-made suit – price matters

Anyone having his own style and taste to quality in life has a tailor-made suit in his closet. When you select a tailor-made suit sewed to your size, you can be sure that it will be unique and you will distinguish from anyone else. A guarantee for this is the dedication to work, the high qualifications and extensive experience of our artists - designers, tailors and cutters. Beauty is in the details and harmony, in the overall mode of manufacture, which contributes to creating the uniqueness of its holder.
The tailor-made suits evidence a new step towards perfection.

The charm of individuality

Sewing a tailor-made suit is achieved through a special approach to each client. Creating the perfect suit starts with the removal of individual measures of the client, taking into account all the peculiarities of the figure, which means that the suit will fit perfectly. No folds where they are not envisaged, optimal length of sleeves, width of waist and shoulders while discreetly concealing the flaws and highlighting the merits of the figure.

All you need..

Uniqueness in manufacture is due to the modeling of the suit according to the individual forms of each client, as required by the traditional Italian technology “SARTORIALE”. And this means a wide selection of fabrics woven from natural fibers (wool, silk, cashmere, mohair); lining 100% silk cupro with thermostatic properties and breathing property - buttons made of natural materials - genuine horn, genuine pearl and coroso to achieve unique designs and exquisite quality.

Philosophy of stitches

One of the most important moments in the creation of a tailor-made garment is the style that we perceive even in its smallest details. Adapting the suit the personality of the client is more than unique and there are reasons for that..

Freedom of movement

The distinguishing feature of a tailor-made suit is the characteristic sense of lightness of the material when in contact with the body.Extreme treatment of the fabric, typical of mass clothing, is excluded. The fabric remains "alive", which is completely due to the manner in which a garment is processed. The numerous hand stitches, which eliminate the feeling of  stiffness of the fabric due to their elasticity, create the feeling of a second skin. In addition to the manner of processing, the freedom of stitches is achieved through the materials used. Thus, a garment acquires a natural essence that allows it to "breathe" and be felt. The fabric assumes the individual forms of the human body, giving it an exquisite softness. Taking the measures, creating an individual design, selecting and processing the fabric, and sewing processes take time. But it is exactly where [] is hiding.

Hand made

The style of “Agressia”

- Precise selection of high quality fabrics only of natural fibers - wool, silk, cashmere, linen.

- “Tailor-made”: suits, jackets and coats – entirely made by hand with good quality.


A precise selection of high quality fabrics of only natural fibers - wool, silk, cashmere, linen.


A master cutter knows from experience and tradition that the best cutting for an ideal garment is hand cutting. Each garment tailored by hand, brings certainty to the line and guarantees the long life of a garment. Each master cutter of "Agressia" can be distinguished for at least two things: strict eye and stable and confident hand.


For the perfect suit, nothing can replace the stitch made by hand. A good sewing machine can make excellent stiches, but in order to model a coat according to the body really well in order to give its lightness, to focus on comfort and convenience, there is nothing else that may replace the sensitive hand of the master tailor. Agressia’s jackets are made with more than 10,000 stitches and they are a true masterpiece that mimics the movements of the person wearing them


The convenience and comfort of clothes is achieved by the ironing to which the suit is subjected after any workmanship operation. The fabric is ironed before cutting and is modeled in all subsequent stages - from basting to stitches. This "ironing technique" allows to achieve a suit with unsurmountable comfort.

05.Ultimate control:

No detail, even the most insignificant one may escape the ultimate control. To this end, we have created a special department that checks and controls quite efficient everything - down to the smallest detail, before allowing the brand label to be sewn to the garment. People who wear such clothes, know what they receive and wear the garment with the confidence that is unique.